Friday, September 12, 2008


I wiped out due to some weird clutch thing coupled with a load shift
on my bike. I was going about 55mph.Jess said it was more like 60-65mph. His telling of it on his blog is great/scary/awesome.
I loaded up the completely totaled Gts and rode a gtv the rest of the
ride(300 more miles). Glad to be okay.

-Joel Hamilton
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GPS read 66mph at the time of the crash, Jess was right about the speed. Turned out to be a shredded belt. super low miles... something defective I guess. A chunk must have locked up my rear wheel for a second and then let go, because I thought I lost power and then got power back. If you ride, try not to wipeout at 66mph or more.

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Beck said...

Damn, man! Glad you are OK!!!