Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great roads

Some great roads today. Southern Utah is beautiful. There as also a
stretch of dirt road that was insane, and many riders went down. More
went down than made it through. I made it through and went the wrong
way, riding like 36 miles around the lake instead of taking the ferry.
All dirt. Good thing I grew up riding dirt bikes in sand on cape cod.
It seriously helped me today. Marc wiped out, not bad, but wiped out
and broke some stuff on his scoot. He is fine, and riding with pete.
They should be here soon.
I tore with jess and ritchj and oz today for a while. Totally fun. It
made me wish I had my bike, so I could hang with their speedy bikes...
Went tovthe car wash here in blanding, Utah. I want to return bobo's
gtv cleaner than I got it.
I am excited for tomorrow, because there us no dirt section. I am
using my gps as a handheld thing now, so I am going to putvthe mount
on bobo's bike for tomorrow.


Mark said...

Get my scooter dirty Joel! It's not a museum piece.

And take off the stupid topcase, it doesn't make the scooter faster!

Joel Hamilton said...

LOL... But the topcase has the raingear in it!!!
The halloween magnets are safe and sound in the truck, though... ;)