Thursday, September 4, 2008


Marc and I rode out to JFK today at 7:30 AM to get our scoots crated
up to be flown to San Francisco.
The Crates are so small, that we had to remove the flyscreen and
mirrors from the scoots before they would fit in!
Once that happened, it was no big deal to get them strapped in and
with all the spare stuff secured, ready to fly.
I decided just to go with gas bottles in my canvas case rather than
the gas tank. It was a last minute decision based on never getting a
system I was happy with for the tank to work properly.
The bottles are simple, and work perfectly, and do not add as much
weight to the scoot. The canvas case is light, and beat up, and I
just use a small net over it to have it hold its shape.
it looks beat up, and it IS beat up, but I know it is going to work
for me better than taking it off and mounting a whole tank to the rear.
Marc's Blue GT200 is ready to go as well. BrooklynBretta made both
bikes feel ready to fully rock. That place truly is the best in NYC,
by far.
Also, make sure you click on ALL of the sponsors links to the left of
this blog. Let them know you are looking! send them emails, and tell
them how cool they are for sponsoring such a crazy thing as a vespa
ride across thecountry for Scotty Hard, and the future of music


bsg said...

You're right, Joel; it DOES look like a doctor's bag!!

Great hangin today. So awesome to be neighbors. Look forward to YOUR homecoming suppah.

One more day!!!


Joel Hamilton said...

We will have a sick suppah when I get home, man.