Saturday, September 6, 2008

I fly out in the morning

I fly out to San Francisco tomorrow morning from JFK. Carla k (12
cups records) will be picking me up from the airport.
I am excited to see the west coast pals!!
I was just hanging out with Scotty at his apartment. It is so great
to have a pal living in the same building with me and Rocky D...
I am psyched to get on the road. I am ready to go, and it was really
nice to visit with Scotty right before leaving, just for inspiration.
As usual when hanging out with him, it worked. I wouldnt be the same
engineer if I didnt know Scotty. I wouldnt be the same person if I
didnt know scotty.
I wouldnt have worked with Elvis Costello, I wouldnt have done many
things without having Scotty in my life. I am incredibly lucky to
have a pal like him.
you know it is true, my brotha from anotha motha... talk soon...

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Nancy said...

HEY !!!! I hope you have an excellent ADVENTURE & SAFE TRAVEL...HUGHUGHUG.