Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Upstate ride today

Somewhere upstate. John on his LX150 and my GTS250 sitting on some
random bridge somewhere.
It was a really nice ride today. Rte 21 is really cool. I hadnt
ridden that one yet somehow.
We rode from 10am to 5pm, starting in Brooklyn, ending in Brooklyn..
by way of wingdale, NY, lots of towns in CT on rt 7, lots of towns on
rte NY22, 55,44,21,the taconic, the west side highway, 9A, Henry
Hudson pkway, saw mill pkway...etc...etc...I was finally in "full
uniform" that I will be wearing for the cannonball. Aside from a
chattering clutch, everything felt great today. Even carrying a spare
liter of fuel that I didnt use.... almost. Gas light came on while
cruising on the taconic...

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