Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Test rides upstate

About to leave on a good test ride with my pal John Davis. Upstate NY. We rode NY Rt 22 yesterday and it was awesome. Going up that way again today, maybe just follow the hudson river way north. Riding with spare gas today, to check out the usage of the camping gas bottles, and to avoid the "uh oh" feeling I had yesterday after a very long stretch without seeing anything like a gas station. Mostly for convenience today though.
I am psyched that John is so into these rides, because I would be going by myself if he wasnt. Thanks John!!! ..and thank goodness for our completely random lifestyles and career choices that facilitate weekday goofing off at the drop of the hat.
I will post some pictures tomorrow, as I have yet to take any... ;)


crabshack kid said...

Have you made up a playlist for your ride? Post it if you get a chance.

My recommendation would be Lou Reed's "New Sensations," where he talks about cruising through the countryside.

He was riding a GPZ, but you probably remember how he's also done his part for scooters:


Anonymous said...

The support truck will be playing mostly New Orleans R&B.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of Lou, see this web site for a gal who is on tour with him AND supplies one of the voices Garmin GPSes use to give routing directions.