Thursday, December 11, 2008


The prototype shock bushings that I have been testing for Nyle at Jettin are AMAZING. get them. If you own a GT/GTS vespa, you really should be getting these things right now.
They are simply ROCKING. I also have the brembo front brake kit from Jettin on the new GTS and it is completely killer. Makes the stock brakes feel like sketchy on/off switches.


Bagel said...

Sweet! I've heard really good things about the Brembo front brake kit. I'd like to get one, one of these days. Could you give some more info on the shock bushings? What's the difference? Are they stiffer? Made of urethane? Curious minds in need of suspension improvements want to know... ;)

Joel Hamilton said...

Made of Urethane. Reduce lateral motion in the rear of the scoot. I know you would dig these, Bagel.
They really make a big difference. You dont even notice them until you are in a situation that used to feel squirrely, and then you track straight through the off ramp, or over some washboard and you are still going straight!!! I WISH I had these on the CBR. Seriously.