Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tires 2

Marc is putting the whole wheel from my wrecked Gts on his gt. His
tire looked scary. Parking lot maintenence has become the daily norm.
Bobo, your gtv is rocking the ride, my man. You are the ultimate. I am
fully, 100 percent stoked to be riding your bike man. I am putting new
rollers in it tomorrow. Stock ones, done at the shop properly. Hut me
up with an email when you get a chance. I also put my ram mount on
your bike so I have the gps happening again after getting lost in the
desert without it.

-Joel Hamilton
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1 comment:

bsg said...


it is incredible you're still riding.
YOOOOUUU are the man.
A real inspiration.

Keep on rockin in the free world.
Thinkin about you all the time.