Sunday, September 21, 2008

things I learned

I learned a few things on this one:
#1 If I dont get wiped out by a broken belt, I get more points.
#2 Spare tank is crucial.
#3 Go really fast where you can, and slow where you need to...because of, um, the law and everything...
#4 If I dont have the belt lock me up and make me crash, I get more points.
#5 Crashing at freeway speeds is not fun.
#6 Dont buy a GTV, ever
#7 Bring 5 belts and 3 sets of rollers. Change them even if you dont think you have to.
#8 Bring 3 mounted tires: 2 rears and 1 front. Change them on day 5 no matter what.
#9 Have a custom exhaust made that is a one piece pipe with some minimal baffling and will not break or leak or freak out at WFO for prolonged periods of time.
#10 work on some sort of air intake mod for the case, to keep the belt cooler. Work on an outlet (negative pressure) in the rear on TOP of the case like a louver setup to get even MORE cooling to the belt.
#11 Change the belt even with the new cooling mods on the case.
#12 Put the spare tank low and behind the leg shield, a 3 gallon with a manually switched pump to refuel on the go.
#13 bring the tools for a variator/clutch/belt/rollers/drivetrain swap ON the truck.the truck catches you with the belt/rollers/clutch..etc..all inside of one leg anyway.. also bring a spare clutch so if you cant get the shreds of belt out of the old one you dont have to F%^& with it on the side of the road.
#14 Lighten the bike however I can besides the spare gas and tools and stuff... like removing any extraneous stuff... i.e. rear rack, foot pegs... any amount, even a few pounds would have REALLY been nice to shed on the way up an 11,300 foot pass (monarch).

There are so many more. I will continue to post these lists over the next few days, I am sure. Just so I dont forget these things as I think about 2010....

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