Sunday, September 7, 2008

San Francisco!!!

So as I said, I am waiting to hear from JetBlue about the whereabouts of my riding gear, which is in the bag they seem to have "misplaced." They are claiming that the bag will come in tonight. We shall see. 
Luckily, my jacket is with my Scoot in the forward air crate, so I will at least have that so I can pick it up and ride. Carla K. Picked me up and it is awesome to be hanging with her and Matthias B. Sat in on a rehearsal of a cool play that Matthias plays a very significant part in, and he was AWESOME, as usual. Totally fun. Carla and I got some Burritos in the Mission (of course, the second I get off the plane from NYC it is time for a SF burrito!!!)....
I am at a hotel now, and looking out the window on the flight from NYC out here to SF, I was tripping out on the fact that I am about to ride home from here. All those little tiny roads I saw going east, trailing away behind us as we sped west in a Jet... I will be riding on those roads in a couple of days. Exciting thought! All I need now is my riding gear back from Jet Blue. More tomorrow. We are going to have dinner with fellow engineer/musician Miles Boisen tonight. should be fun.
Here is me, giving JetBlue a BIG thumbs up in my random oakland hotel (staying near some pals tonight before staying at the official cannonball hotel starting

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