Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not three

I am not on a third scooter, as some have said.
I got a GTS (blue) in Saint Louis, and the motor from my old one is now in the Bobo GTV, which is what I am riding, still.
The new one is in the truck, and i am going to let Roy ride it if his clutch is too F'd up to keep going.
Gonna keep on riding.
The ride is great, and now the bobo bike is really feeling good with that nice motor in it, which I am giving to bobo for his incredibly generous lending of the GTV.
Updates soon.
The Saint Louis Scooter Club was totally generous and totally awesome hanging out with us tonight, and the guys at Vespa Saint louis did a great ob hosting all of us. Good Times.
Rachel, I will call you tomorrow.
Good night.


Admin said...

Great hanging with you tonight Joel! Represent Brooklyn for me! Beat the crap out of Jess and get in first place!!!!

Seriously you guys look like you are having a blast - ride safe.

Reggie @ St. Louis Scooter Club

Silver said...

Honestly, the only thing I care about is the "RIDE SAFE" part!

- c