Monday, September 15, 2008

Live, from the side of the road.

So I have been here for a while.
Trying to stay in the shade of the scooter just cause the sun is
starting to really rock. I have 1 sip of water left an some tic-tac's
that I got a few days ago. Typing this up on my iPhone, crouched next
to the gtv, and it is actually beautiful out here. I am just relaxing
and enjoying the chunks of silence between semi's.
Talked to my sister for a minute, talked to j Caddell for a minute.
The phone service is crap though. Now I am just waiting. Got a text
about 5 minutes ago that Rolf was on his way with tools, a clutch, and
a belt. He is about 130 miles away from me right now, and I have
already been sitting here for 45 minutes. The "funny" thing is that I
had just passsed up canon city Vespa shop, because the bike was
feeling great.
I will berolling with the trucks after we get the new belt in there. I
am glad that my Gts is so useful as an organ donor. It is keeping
people rolling.
It's amazing what you notice at 0 miles an hour... The really cool
grasses and low plants. Squash along the road. Ants that are big and
gross looking. I don't see that stuff when I am cruising along.
It's nice to stop for a minute. Or two hours.
Hi Rachel. Welcome back to the USA.
Hi Libby. Hi Jason. Hi jv. Hi tony. Hi matthias. Hi chad. Hi mom.
All is well, and the adventure continues. Riding with these guys is
really a pleasure. Great people, great ride.

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