Friday, September 26, 2008


I am potentially putting together a single day ride that is a loop... and like a single day of cannonball for the NYC area riders.
I would run it the exact same way as the CBR, but just for a single day, run in a loop starting from NYC and ending back in the same spot.

I am looking at routes right now.... so any suggestions from riders living upstate are totally welcome. Or anyone that knows these roads better than me... I will be test riding some of these routes soon. email me, or leave comments here. Remember this is just a rough sketch of what the actual route would be for the Gumball Rally. Just to get my brain around what a 350- 400 mile loop looks like and where it could take us. Trying to get rural quick is tough in the NYC area...

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Dave B (feb31st) said...

That looks great. You could also do a 1 nighter (as half the gun of the cannonball was the hotel parking lot) - up through Catskill State Park, Andirondaks. Then maybe a route back with a dip over in VT or NH.


Otherwise that route looks pretty good! Here is a variation.