Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fort Scott

Fort Scott, Kansas knew we were coming... and they threw us a party!!!
The people have been incredible to us here, in fact this is the only town that actually seemed to know that we were coming through at all. The best thing I saw here was a bank sign, like one of those giant red LED marquee type signs that kept flashing "WELCOME SCOOTER CANNONBALL RUN!!" after stuff like, "TRY E-BANKING" and stuff like that, with the prerequisite time and temp.

We also visited a cool hotel and some guys were playing bluegrass. The people are really nice here. Thanks, Fort Scott Kansas!
When I get the link to the newspaper article about our visit (the reporter came down to the hotel, and to the party) I will post it.

Tomoorow: St. Louis!!!
it is a short one, only 280 miles!!! YEAH! Bring it on Missouri!


Silver said...

Am I the only person who misread "For Scott"?

Stay safe, Joel. We all love you so much.

- c

Admin said...

Hey Scott - the St. Louis Scooter Club wants to welcome you into our city when you get here. Give me a call or SMS me 314-265-4756. We would love to get you folks a hearty St. Louis meal! Ride safe - Reggie

Carol said...

Here is the link to the story, Joel.


Carol G.

Admin said...

Clearly I blew that joke and wanted to say "Hey Fort Scott"

Sorry - see you guys perhaps tonight. Reggie

Carol said...

Hey, Joel. here's the link to that story.


Happy riding.

Oh, and quit falling down.

Carol G.

bsg said...

Seems appropriate!!
i like it.
keep on ridin, JT.
third place will become first soon enough.