Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FInal resting place

I found final resting places for my black GTS today. I gave the very
bent frame to a guy collecting metal for scrap, and he was really
psyched about it. That felt really good. I knew I had doubled his
take for the day, which was in the shopping cart you see there. He
was stripping old PCB's out of an old computer to get the frame metal
when I rolled up in the Brooklynbretta van with Frank. I am glad
about that.
Then I took all the stuff I salvaged from the poor bike and brought
it to my storage space, which is a borg-like hive near the BQE. If
the borg were hassidic, I guess.
It just looked surreal to me. The other wheel is being sent from
vespa St. Louis, where in the confusion of the motor swaps and
craziness that bordered on wartime ER freaking out at points... it
was forgotten there.
going for a ride with some NYSC guys in a minute. Its nice to be back
in Brooklyn, where my GTS lived and now is laid to rest. RIP, you
were a great bike, even if you did throw me into the desert at almost
70 mph!


Playonbrother said...

Glad you're back in one piece man. It was really exciting watching the race, even though it was from the comfort of my laptop. You did a great thing man and I know I'll never forget it. Congratulations!!



Joel Hamilton said...

Right on, Al.
Your sponsorship is what helped make this happen, so we all share in the experience, my man.
It is a great thing that YOU did, chipping in to make this ride a reality.