Saturday, September 20, 2008


I loaded the bobo GTV on his pal Tony's trailer, and went up to the hotel.
I am staying about 5 miles away from the official hotel tonight.
I went to go say goodbye, and to turn in my final days efforts, time-wise.
I finished 40 points behind Jess. He totally rocked it, all things considered.
The combination of being a solid rider and having the skills to make the tank work, to pee through a hose going down your pant leg, to keep your bike totally working..... that all added up to a well deserved win.
The only disappointment I feel is because a mechanical failure, a lunched belt in a fast sweeper... that determined my fate on this ride. The rides each day were really quite enjoyable, even through the places that people thought would be "too flat" or "too straight." It was just another facet of a ride that requires consistency and pace, across CRAZY diverse road conditions.
We did not get one drop of rain, however. It seems inconceivable that we rode every single day, all day, and did not get one drop of rain. Awesome weather, for the most part, except FREEZING on a couple of mornings.

Overall, I am totally more excited about riding than ever. I would do it again next week if I could, and this time I would use the stock variator.... but with a better motor... funny that the bobo GTV turned into the speedy bike...
I have so many thoughts in my head right now. i will organize after some rest, and post some coherent thoughts.
From the pacific ocean, to the atlantic ocean, on back roads all the way: on a Vespa. DID IT!!!

one interesting phenomenon seemed to be that the closer we got to the finish, and the more people were around, the more the CBR riders would kind of start to stick together... as though our shared experiences were starting to glue us together even more when we saw the super clean scooters and people that had ridden 16 miles to come hang out. We were all super appreciative of the support and the visits and the generosity of the scooter clubs we encountered, but we were all on a mission, and the heft of a shared experience can not be discounted.

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