Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day sheets

This is the cover of the booklet that I log my times into each day. It
looks more f'd up now. I carry it in my inside jacket pocket, as I can
not seem to fully trust gps still. Gps is awesome, but when all else
fails, a map and directions will get you out of some crappy times. I
had a nice dinner at a place called "smokey bones" tonight. Went with
OZ, smoothrider, marc, mark, and feb31. We got a big table and ate
crazy Midwestern type of food. Giant portions of fried stuff and then
big sandwich thingy platters. Lots of food. It felt good to have that
be my one meal of the day. I have tea, then ride all day, then get to
the hotel and drink water and then eat at around 9pm. Yesterday and
today I had to pee about ten minutes after leaving the hotel, but held
it all the way through the ride so I didn't lose any time. Stops are
for gas only, and as quickly as I can fill up. I have it to a science.
I can swipe my card with my left hand while I pull the pet carrier out
with my right. Then I stuff a rag loosely around the filler because
you never know when you are gonna get a non shut off type pump. Toss
the carrier back in, and roll. I have it pretty quick now if the pump
doesn't suck too bad. The slow ones make me CRAZY. Like 2 minutes to
dispense 1.6 gallons is forever. It feels like it when I know the guys
are rolling steady with their tanks feeding their bikes like an I.V...


Mark said...

Ride hard tomorrow, with a little luck you can pass him. I have some tips for day 10. But mainly be safe.

libby said...

I hope you are wearing a Depends for today after the fried food blowout last night.
Judging from Jess' blog he's feeling your breath on his neck.

As mark said - MAINLY BE SAFE.

Joel Hamilton said...

I am in Second now, and I dunno if I can catch Jess.
I lost a LOT of time twice, and missed a checkpoint once, and I am STILL in second.
I could have caught him, but I ran out of country....