Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st place, Day 1

I am in first place after 1 nice day of riding. I only am up by 2 points on Jess though. 
Rich's scoot tried to eat itself.. fucking polini was chowing the case. I have a polini... hmm... shit. 
The scooter felt pretty good today. 
Tomorrow is pretty straight, which sucks, because I know I can beat Jess in the twisties... but I feel like he is going to beat me on straight distance cruising at speed. 
Spare tank, and fast bike... hopefully he will wave to me every 125 miles when I am gassing up. 
Desert times tomorrow. 
Going to shower and then go to sleep. I didnt eat the entire day until I got here. The adrenaline is all I need. 
Glad I am in first place, though.

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Anthony said...


First place? Great job!