Thursday, August 28, 2008

Every journey begins ...

... with a single blog post? Why not?

This may be my last post prior to flying out to San Francisco for the start of the race, as I will be out and about and therefore out of convenient Interweb range for a while.

So I'd like to remind everyone that we still need donations to make this all work for Scotty and for the Future of Music Coalition. That will still be true after the Cannonball starts, and even after it ends, so please give what you can by clicking on the Vespa photo at the top of the left column or visiting Joel's site and clicking on the Donate button.

Thanks, and see you on the road,


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crabshack kid said...

Explorer Richard Bangs was asked to define adventure, and he said, "It’s embracing the unexpected, stepping off the beaten path, and finding delight when things don’t go as planned."

Best to all, and have a great adventure.